Process Engineering

Process management is the collection of activities covering the performance of the preparation and execution of a business process.

Companies must be prepared to adapt and transform in order to stay at the top of their industry or regain lost ground. However, change management is difficult, and the process of transforming can often be disruptive to daily work and revenue generation. Traditional consulting might help, but it could cost you control over key initiatives.

KingFisher Services presents a better way to achieve success, together

We’ll provide the right amount of talent: strategists, trainers, and project managers, anywhere in the United States, individuals or teams of up to 10 people—all qualified, vetted, and prepared to work alongside your existing teams or drive separate workstreams on critical transformations:

  • A partner experienced in building teams for change management, along with talent onboarding and knowledge transfer
  • The ability to quickly scale talent and team bandwidth for demand variation and rapid transformation

Companies today are under more pressure than ever to increase operational efficiency through automation. Typically, IT must devote extensive time and costly development resources to automating a workflow, often resulting in delays and bottlenecks.

With KingFisher, process transformation isn’t a long, drawn-out process. An organization can design and deploy modern business processes in just days.

Process design is the lifeblood of any business, it’s all about using analytics and experience to develop and optimize the best method to transform wares into higher value products

We always start with proven process fundamentals, and then we add experience, heuristics, intuition, computer simulation, and a ‘never give up’ attitude into the equation. This creates a win-win formula that has enabled us to successfully work on assignments that many have shied away from.

Some of the critical issues that a carefully conceived process design could address are throughput rate, process yield, space constraints, safety, environmental impact, and operating and maintenance costs.