Innovation and Analysis

Are you looking for a new way to drive change and innovation in strategy and execution? Prescriptive Analytics is a type of Advanced Analytics that results in a recommended action. You may be trying to improve planning, reduce costs, optimize your supply chain or increase innovation. Unlike Descriptive (focused on reporting with basic trend or pattern recognition) or Predictive Analytics (focused on predicting the future with forecasting techniques), Prescriptive Analytics determines ways in which your business processes should evolve or be modified. This is crucial to make your data and business rules actionable instead of only providing insight into your data’s behavior.

For innovative businesses, one of the critical roles that data plays is proving to a sometimes skeptical audience that your product provides a new solution to a recurrent problem.

Gathering facts and figures to convince other people is much simpler when you have a thorough data strategy in place. Today all elements of a business’s operations – design, production, distribution, marketing, customer services – can be monitored, measured and analyzed.

This means that businesses which have engaged with the process of transformation will have facts and data not just on what they do, but why they do it more effectively than anyone else. If you are innovating, this is the idea that you have to portray in order to position yourself as a market leader.

Our professionals enable you to evaluate these discoveries, share feedback, and gain insights so that you don’t miss the next disruptive technology in your industry.