Effective Communications

Poor communication is a contributing factor underlying many organizational issues. Companies whose employees have good communication skills accomplish their goals efficiently and productively. 

KingFisher Services can help you unleash the potential of internal communication to engage employees.  This will result in employees understanding what matters, feeling connected, and having a clear picture about how to do their jobs to help your organization succeed.

Leaders and managers have an important role in communicating where the organization is headed and what employees need to do to support it. However, leaders and managers often struggle with how to communicate. KingFisher can create effective communication strategies to prepare leaders and managers for their critical communication role.

Holistic Review

To improve employee communication, sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the entire communication system. KingFisher can conduct a comprehensive audit to evaluate how well employee communication is aligned with company goals, determine the effectiveness of each channel, identify opportunities to improve effectiveness and create a strategy for taking work to the next level.

Leader Support

When it comes to explaining complex business strategy to employees or being more visible, leaders can often use help. We develop a communication strategy, then prepare leaders for their role by creating content and providing coaching. As a result, leaders are confident about connecting with employees. 

Manager Support

Employees turn to managers first for information about the company or their job. But not all managers are prepared with the knowledge or skills they need to communicate effectively with their teams. We provide support for managers—role definition, training, content and advice—to set them up for success.

Performance Management

Talking about performance with employees shouldn’t just happen at the end of the year—it should be an ongoing conversation. We prepare managers and employees to have these important conversations by developing effective performance management communication for such key steps as goal setting, mid-year check-ins and ratings.

Change Management

Communicating change to employees can be a challenge, especially if the change has a big impact on their jobs. To put employees at ease and get their support, you need to address their burning questions. We work with you to create and implement a change communication program so employees understand the “why” and know what they need to do differently.

Business Strategy

When company leaders set the strategy, we help you prepare employees to take action. We develop a communication program that engages employees by focusing on “what’s in it for me,” boosts understanding of complex topics and integrates strategic messages into existing communications.